Bodybuilding / Workout at Guym in Ramadan

Asalam o Alaikum Frinds! How are you? I hope, by the grace of Allah (S.W.T) you'll be doing great. Friends as you know that Ramadan Kareem is just about to come only 15 or more days left. So there is a lot of disscusion between Gymers/bodybuilders How they can keep fit themself in Ramadan. What diet to eat and What should be the timings for Workout. Though i am not a professional Trainer/Bodybuilder So i can't suggest you to follow all that whatever you are about to read next but i have a bit experience as i was used to workout at guym. So i can guide you (normal Gymers not professionals).
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Disclaimer: All this is based on my personal experience.I'm not a professional trainer.So i'll recomend you to seek the guidence from any profeesional trainer in regard with this scenario.In case of any damage or loss following my tips & plans, you'll stand responsible yourself.

Timings for Workout in Ramadan
Here, i have two plans. Plan A & Plan B
Plan A:
Goin with Plan A, your workout timings are suppose to be after "IFTAR" (Opening Fast). You may plan any timings after IFTAR but i'll suggest After the prayer of ISHA. Because When you'll work out after Iftar , the food you have had eaten during Iftar will be consumed and your body will require more diet/food. So you may get a chance to take more diet till "SEHRI".

Plan B:
Following Plan B , you may schedule your workout timings either two hours before SEHRI or one hour before IFTARI. But I'll not recomend you to follow this plan because Before Sehri if you do workout all your body fat and diet will be burned and it would be very hard for you to pass the whole day without taking diet/food. Before IFATR you may probably workout  for  15 mins or more as you may have not sufficient energy.

So Plan you timings after reviewing your activites throughout the day.

Diet For Workout in Ramadan
(Note: this is for normal or regular gymers not for professionals.)
You may add following things in your diet plan.
>> 1 Kg Milk/ side ( Milk Shake is perfferd)
>> Any Boiled Vegitable/ side (Patatos & Spinich perfferd)
>> At least 1 Kg Salid either of vegitable or Fruits.
>> Beef Burger  or Pizzza (Any sort of Fast Food)
>> Protien and Vitaments Before workout (Supliments)

Though It's Hard to workout/bodybuilding in Ramadan but If you are committed you may do that.


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